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Coin Inventory: Canada & Provinces : Small Cents: Small Cents 1920-date
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1920/ 63 RB (NGC)SOLD: 50%Red, lustrous surfaces. Nice.$45.00Add to Cart
193162 BNKM-28SOLD: Problem free light chocolate brown with lustre.$34.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Dimes: Roosevelt Dimes 1946-date
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
194666 FB (PCGS)SOLD: $15.00Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Five Cents-Nickel: Jefferson Nickel 1938-date
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
193930 (PCGS)FS-022SOLD: Double Die Reverse; nice strong doubling in motto. Problem free.$125.00Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Small Cents: Lincoln Cents-Wheat 1909-1958
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1914 - S64 BN (PCGS)SOLD: Very sharply struck with lustrous blue/brown surfaces. As fully struck as a mint state Lincoln can be! Spot free too!$650.00Add to Cart
191964 RB (PCGS)SOLD: 80% red. An appealing coin with a sharp strike and very light woodgrain surfaces that make for a nice appearance. Once again, I was expecting a 65!$74.95Add to Cart
1919 - S63 BN (PCGS)SOLD: A super sharp strike with nice light woodgrain surfaces under the full lustre.$124.95Add to Cart
1923 - S63 BN (PCGS)SOLD: A lustrous, light brown coin with slight woodgrain effects on the late die state obverse mixed with a sharp new die on the reverse. No marks and might grade higher?$245.00Add to Cart
1933 - D64 BN (PCGS)SOLD: A pretty coin with blazing blue/brown cartwheel lustre. No spots and a full strike.$54.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Tokens/Colonials: Civil War/Store Card Tokens
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
186365 RBFuld-301/16, R4SOLD: Liberty head and date 1863/Army & Navy. About 40% red remaining with swirling lustre. Spot free too. Scarce.$99.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: North America/Carribean: Cuba: Forty Centavos
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1915HR62 (NGC)KM-14.3SOLD: High relief variety. Lustrous, nearly full white with just a trace of rim toning.$295.00Add to Cart