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Coin Inventory: US: Commemorative Coins: Classic Commemorative Halves 1892-1954
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1925 - S65 (PCGS)CaliforniaSOLD: California Jubilee; A well struck example with full white lustre on this iconic design.$374.95Add to Cart
1935CT65 (PCGS)SOLD: Connecticut; A brilliant coin that looks like it was struck this morning!$324.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Fifty Cents: Barber Half Dollars 1892-1916
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1892 - O03 A decent used coin with full obverse rims and 1/3 of the rims at the bottom. The mintmark is clear. Just even wear with no distractions except for a small rim ding on the reverse at 1:00.$134.95Add to Cart
190035 (PCGS)SOLD: An original light pearl grey coin with a touch of rim toning. Just purchased from an old collection, and about as perfect as it could be.$149.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Fifty Cents: Franklin Half Dollars 1948-1963
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1948 - D65 FBL (PCGS)FS-801SOLD: Doubled die reverse; A fully struck coin with sharp, full bell lines $174.95Add to Cart
1949 - S65 (PCGS)SOLD: Very lustrous and near FBL. has some light speckled mint set toning on both sides.$100.00Add to Cart
1949 - S/S65 (PCGS)RPM-001SOLD: RPM-001; A brilliant lustrous coin with a near FBL reverse and an early die state RPM.$149.95Add to Cart
1953 - S65 (PCGS)SOLD: Creamy white lustre on mark free surfaces. Strong bell lines overall, but not full. Nicer than average!$85.00Add to Cart
1956T167 PR (PCGS)FS-901Type 1 reverse; A near flawless gem with pure, untoned clean mirrors.$244.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Fifty Cents: Liberty Seated Half Dollars 1839-1891
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
186940 (NGC)SOLD: Sharply struck coin with original blue/grey surfaces. Nice example for a date or type set.$200.00Add to Cart
186940 (NGC)Sharply struck coin with original blue/grey surfaces. Nice example for a date or type set.$199.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Five Cents-Nickel: Buffalo Nickel 1913-1938
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1936 - D/D64 PQ (NGC)FS-502SOLD: Old FS-019.5) A bright, well strck example of this dramatically RPD.$164.95Add to Cart
1936 - D/D64 PQ (NGC)FS- 502Old FS-019.5; D boldly repunched west. A brilliant coin with icy golden lustre and a few minor marks under a glass. Could have graded MS65 I believe.$164.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Five Cents-Nickel: Jefferson Nickel 1938-date
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
193866 PR (PCGS)FS-401SOLD: Re-engraved Die #1; An untoned example with bright, clear mirrors like the day it was minted..$144.95Add to Cart
193866 PR (PCGS)FS-402SOLD: Re-engraved obverse die #2; A pretty light blue coin with clean, slightly hazy mirrors under light blue toning. Very nice eye appeal!$299.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Half Eagles ($5.00): Liberty Head Half Eagles 1839-1908
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1888 - S62 (PCGS)SOLD: A lustrous, bright gold coin. Just back from PCGS.Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Large Cents: Classic Large Cents 1808-1814
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1812SD10 S-291, R2+SOLD: A problem free, dark brown coin with no corrosion. $249.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Small Cents: Indian Head Cents 1859-1909
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1908 - S55 BN (PCGS)SOLD: A fully struck example with light brown lustre and some traces of mint red at the rims.$214.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Small Cents: Lincoln Cents-Wheat 1909-1958
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1943 - S67 (PCGS)SOLD: A flawless, fully bright example of the one year type Lincoln Cent. They don't come much nicer!$264.95Add to Cart
1944 - S67 +RD (PCGS)SOLD: A full blazing red, spot free coin. No marks to be seen.$724.95Add to Cart
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