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Coin Inventory: US: Dimes: Mercury Dimes 1916-1945
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1928 - S12 SOLD: A somewhat crude counterfeit with the date and mintmark hard to decipher. A gun metal grey example.$4.95Add to Cart
193462 A lustrous, white coin with some light hairlines limiting the grade, but not the eye appeal. Almost split bands too.$32.50Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Fifty Cents: Franklin Half Dollars 1948-1963
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
194864 FBL (PCGS)FS-801SOLD: Doubled die reverse, p/u 'E PLURIBUS UNUM'; This is a flashy, untoned specimen in an older blue holder.$99.95Add to Cart
1953 - S/S64 PQ (PCGS)FS-501SOLD: A blazing white coin fresh from an original roll with an above average strike. A coin close to FBL, much better struck than normal. A fairly scarce RPM with a pop=28 and 31 higher with a top pop of 8 in MS66.$149.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Five Cents-Nickel: Jefferson Nickel 1938-date
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1939rev '38 - S66 (FS) (PCGS)SSOLD: A nice fully struck and semi-prooflike example. A few stray marks limit the grade. Essentially full steps mand not sure why not designated as such!$95.00Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Territorial: Philippines
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1917 - S64 (PCGS)KM-164SOLD: Nice full cartwheel lustre with light gold streaky toning and no spots. Fresh from PCGS.$349.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Territorial: Philippines: Philippine Centavo
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1917 - S63 BNPQ (PCGS)KM-163SOLD: Beautiful cartwheel lustre on the 50% red obverse and pretty bluish brown and red on the reverse. Nice clean example of an early Philippines centavo. I really expected a RB designation!$84.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Territorial: Philippines: Philippine Five Centavos
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1938 - M65 (PCGS)KM-180A beautiful example with blazing cartwheel and a decent strike.$139.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Territorial: Philippines: Philippine Half Centavo
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
190466 BN (PCGS)KM-162Beautiful radiant brown lustre with traces of mint red in the devices. Spot free and a blast to the eye with super cartwheel and mint red in the devices.$274.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Territorial: Philippines: Philippines Twenty Centavos
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
190453 KM-166A lightly toned coin with natural pearl grey surfaces and minimal wear.$22.50Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Twenty Five Cents: Washington Quarters 1932-1998
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
196666 (PCGS)OGH Gen 3.1; SMS; A brilliant prooflike coin with light gold toning.$12.50Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Two Cents: Two Cents 1864-1873
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1865/6564 RB DetailsKF-F10SOLD: A well struck and fully lustrous coin with an unfortunate dig or planchet flaw above the ribbon in the "ED-W" area.It also has a recognized repunched date that Kevin Flynn called scarce.$114.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: Africa: Belgian Congo
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
194965 (PCGS)KM-26Full radiant yellow brass lustre on mark and spot free surfaces. An exceptional piece. Just back and none graded higher at PCGS.$195.00Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: Africa: German East Africa
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1912 - J62 KM-10A bright, untoned coin that is fully struck and lustrous. A few hairlines from handling limit the grade, but there is no loss of lustre anywhere. The coin is bright white to the eye.$395.00Add to Cart
1912 - J55 PQ (PCGS)KM-8A fully struck and lustrous coin with just a few hairlin3es from circulation. There appears to be no loss of lustre on the high points or the fields, just a few light hairlines. I think it's an AU58 at worst.$100.00Add to Cart
1916 - T64 KM-15Type A/A; A lustrous yellow/gold coin on a crude planchet. I think really undergraded! No hairlines or bag marks and cartwheel lustre remains. Even the crown shows nearly full detail which most don't.$135.00Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: Asia: French Indo-China
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1897 - A58 (PCGS)KM-5a.1Basically white, with a few hairlines from wear.$595.00Add to Cart
1897 - A53 (PCGS)KM-5a.1Decently struck with typical baggy appearance over the mostly untoned remaining lustre. Just back from PCGS.$475.00Add to Cart
1898 - A50 (PCGS)KM-5a.1A lightly toned coin with much lustre underneath. Typical baggy surfaces, but well hidden under the toning.$250.00Add to Cart
1900 - A55 (PCGS)KM-5a.1A lustrous example with a light touch of dark blue toning on the right obverse, and no reverse toning. Well struck with a decent head and minimal wear.$295.00Add to Cart
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