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Coin Inventory: Canada & Provinces : Large Cents: Large Cents 1858-1920
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
189363 +RBPLKM-7SOLD: 30% red; An attractive coin with nicely mirrored fields under attractive red/brown toning. There are a couple of small planchet defects around the date.$199.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: Canada & Provinces : Two Dollars: Two Dollars
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1888/863 (NGC)KM-5IN HERITAGE AUCTION: Really nice obverse with semi-prooflike fields and some cameo contrast. Really is an unc, although reverse has some bagging. Very difficult to find in strict uncirculated. The last 8 is repunched east near the top.Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Bullion: Silver Bullion: Silver Bullion lots not for Internet
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1925-1964 - PDS04 63SOLD: A lot of 90% US coins. $14.00 50c, $161.50 25c and $42.70 in 10c. Drop shipped from CA.Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Dimes: Mercury Dimes 1916-1945
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1941 - D64 FBPQ (PCGS)A brilliant white coin with a sharp strike that has a touch of toning on the reverse. I expected at least a 65FB! Now a loss leader!$24.95Add to Cart
1941Large S - S58 PQ (PCGS)FS-511A problem free coin with full untoned lustre and an almost (99%) split bands. I don't get PCGS as this should have graded MS63 at least. Only a couple of light hairlines under a 5x glass don't make it a 58!!$74.95Add to Cart
1941 - D66 FB (PCGS)A brilliant, fully struck example that was probably downgraded from a 676 due to the heavy die polish in the fields. A great type coin still.$59.95Add to Cart
1941 - D67 FB (PCGS)A lustrous coin with a completely full strike. There is some light rose toning in the fields. This coin shows what the full design should look like!$124.95Add to Cart
1941 - S/S55 FBFS-501A nice bold RPM north. This coin has FB (PCGS doesn't recognize below MS60) which attest to the little wear the coin exhibits. Full lustre with some light toning that may have fooled the grader into thinking it was rub.$84.95Add to Cart
1942 - D64 FB (PCGS)A bright white coin that I t6hought would grade 65 at least!$23.95Add to Cart
1942 - S65 FB (PCGS)A brilliant white coin with full cartwheel lustre. Just back from PCGS.$74.95Add to Cart
1943 - S/S55 cleaned (PCGS)FS-501Pcga says cleaned, but it has now a nice coating of pastel album toning which is deeper at the rims. A pretty coin with almost full bands.$59.95Add to Cart
1943 - D66 FB (PCGS)A fully lustrous white coin, just back from PCGS.$54.95Add to Cart
1943 - D67 FB (PCGS)A fully struck and lustrous coin under some light toning.$119.95Add to Cart
194366 (PCGS)Original toning over full lustre and bandds that are split. Just back from PCGS and again why??$29.95Add to Cart
1943 - D66 FB (PCGS)Fully struck with cartwheel untoned lustre.$49.95Add to Cart
1943 - D65 FB (PCGS)A fully lustrous, untoned coin.$41.95Add to Cart
1943 - S64 FBPQ (PCGS)A beautiful coin with full blazing lustre that should have been graded MS^^FB! I don't know what PCGS is thinking!! No hairlines and only a couple of miniscule marks.$49.95Add to Cart
1944 - D64 FBPQ (PCGS)A really pretty piece with blazing white semi-prooflike fields that set off the devices nicely. A few more pounds of striking pressure would have resulted in FB designation.$24.95Add to Cart
1944 - S66 FB (PCGS)Creamy white surfaces, never dipped with full cartwheel lustre. Fresh from grading.$57.50Add to Cart
1944 - D64 FB (PCGS)A blazing white fully lustrous coin with as sharp a strike as you will find. Just a few flecks of toning in the obverse fields attest to its originality.$49.95Add to Cart
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