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Coin Inventory: US: Dimes: Roosevelt Dimes 1946-date
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1952 - D66 (PCGS)Frosty.$17.50Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Dollars: Trade Dollars 1873-1885
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
187720 Trade dollar with a 7 day counter inside. Pressing in center allows the counter to move upwards only, from 1-7, with a solid click. Really neat!$474.95
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Coin Inventory: US: Fifty Cents: Franklin Half Dollars 1948-1963
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1956T167 PR (PCGS)FS-901SOLD: Type 1 reverse; A near flawless gem with pure, untoned clean mirrors.$244.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Territorial: Philippines: Philippine Five Centavos
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1930 - M64 (PCGS)KM-175Nice lustrous surfaces with a trace of toning.$134.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: Asia: Japan
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1884Yr. 1763 BNY-15SOLD: An even brown coin with bits of mint red showing. The lustre is muted accounting for the grade.$19.95Add to Cart
1905Yr. 3855 +Y-25SOLD: A brilliant, lustrous coin with a trace of rub in the fields.$44.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: British: Great Britain: Tokens: Conder Tokens
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
179463 BND&H-5, RCSOLD: Lincolnshire; Spalding Halfpenny/Success to the Commonwealth of Britain. Chocolate brown with traces of red left.$99.00Add to Cart
179430 D&H-19, RCSOLD: Middlesex; Norwich Market Place.$35.00Add to Cart
179562 BN (NGC)D&H-275, RCSOLD: Middlesex; Carter's Shoes; Lustrous with many neat die cracks. Milled edge.$149.95Add to Cart
179555 BND&H-286, RCSOLD: Corresponding Society/Dove; Deep brown prooflike fields. A little softly struck on the high points, but nice eye appeal,$115.00Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: Europe: France: 1 Franc
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1868 - A55 (PCGS)KM-806.1SOLD: A fully struck and lustrous example with an original dirty coating. Never messed with!$59.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: Europe: Hungary
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1947 - BP65 PRKM-530SOLD: Blazing aluminum-bronze gold lustre. Scarce as there are none in the NGC census.$19.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: Europe: Italy: 2 Centesimi
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1897 - R67 BNKM-30SOLD: A near perfect coin with beautiful gold and rose copper toning sporting full lustre underneath. A delight to the eye and a wonderful type coin!$99.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: Europe: Netherlands
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
192950 cleanedKM-165A white coin with lightly hairlined surfaces.$19.95Add to Cart
193055 KM-165A sharply struck coin with light violet envelope toning from an old collection.$19.95Add to Cart
193850 KM-165A lustrous white coin that is a few hairlines from unc. Nice example.$26.00Add to Cart
195964 KM-185A brilliant, lustrous and fully struck coin.$12.50Add to Cart
196465 KM-7An attractive coin with deep blue rim toning transitioning into faded gold A lustrous, fully struck coin with a blush of pastel yellow toning forming.$22.50Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: World Coins: Europe: Spain
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
186763 BNKM-635.1SOLD: Barcelona; Traces of red on the reverse. Lustrous swirling deep blue brown surfaces make for good eye appeal. Spot free with only a few small marks. There is only 1 AU55 graded at NGC/$195.00Add to Cart
1949(49)64 KM-778SOLD: A bright, lustrous untoned coin. Very high catalog value!$17.95Add to Cart
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