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1893 CAM El Salvador Peso NGC MS62

Price: $545.00

Grade: 62 (NGC)
Catalog #: KM-115.1

Description: Well struck with light grey toning.

1803 SD,LF Draped Bust Large Cent NGC VF30

Price: $575.00$525.00

Grade: 30 (NGC)
Catalog #: S-260

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: A nicely detailed example with smooth medium dark surfaces. A great coin for a type set.

1892 Portugal 20 Reis PCGS MS63BN

Price: $195.00$164.95

Grade: 63 BN (PCGS)
Catalog #: KM-533

Description: Amazing blue/brown lustre. Exceptional eye appeal!

1933 Cuba Peso NGC MS63

Price: $315.00

Grade: 63 (NGC)
Catalog #: KM-15.2

Description: A sharply struck, lustrous white coin.

1857 SD Braided Hair Large Cent PCGS AU55

Price: $395.00$335.00

Grade: 55 BN (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: A nice sharp strike on dark brown surfaces. Fresh from PCGS.

1935 Great Britain Crown PCGS SP64

Price: $299.00

Grade: 64 SP (PCGS)
Catalog #: KM-842

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: Nice fully struck, lightly toned prooflike coin.

1857 Flying Eagle Cent PCGS MS63PQ

Price: $725.00

Grade: 63 PQ (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: Very well struck with just a trace of weakness on the eagle's tail. Nice full wreath on the reverse. Copper-nickel light brown with traces of lustre peeking through. Nice type coin!

1821 SD Capped Bust Dime PCGS EF40++

Price: $545.00

Grade: 40 ++ (PCGS)
Catalog #: JR-2, R2

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: OGH; Medium grey surfaces. Very well struck for type. Underlying lustre remains. Looks more like an AU!

1905 Barber Dime PCGS PR65, toned


Grade: 65 PR (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: Brilliant blue and rose toning over deep mirrors. There is cameo contrast under the toning.

1856 Braided Hair Large Cent PCGS MS64BN

Price: $395.00$335.00

Grade: 64 BN (PCGS)
Catalog #: N-14, R1

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: Slanted 5; Well struck with mark free dark chocolate surfaces and a hint of red. Very nice coin, should have plussed! Fresh from PCGS..

Recently Updated

1933 Lincoln Cent MS63RB

Price: $23.95

Grade: 63 RB
Catalog #:

Description: A pretty reddish/blue coin with a small pin scratch on the reverse that limits the grade.

1902 Indian Cent PCGS MS63BN

Price: $49.95

Grade: 63 BN (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: A nice looking coin with about 20% red lustre left. One small nick on the cheek kept it from a 64. Spot free too.

1863 Indian Cent AU58

Price: $99.95

Grade: 58
Catalog #:

Description: The coin is completely, fully struck and lustrous. There a a few small dark spots and some light hairlines that caused me to call it a 58. But I don't see any wear at all.

1917 Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS62PQ

Price: $194.95

Grade: 62 PQ (NGC)
Catalog #:

Description: A fully struck example of the original design with bold, square rims that set off the matte design very well. Has a little bit of light speckled toning to enhance the originality of the coin. I wish they had not changed this design!

1943/2-P Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS65

Price: $495.00

Grade: 65 (PCGS)
Catalog #: FS-101

Description: A brilliant coin with a trace of golden toning. Has nearly complete steps. Great example of this nice overdate made at the start of the Second World War.

1897-SGV Philippines Peso ICG MS62

Price: $265.00

Grade: 62 (ICG)
Catalog #: KM-184

Description: An attractive coin with a trace of toning and some grade limiting hairlines.

1935 Austria 2 Shillings MS63, Leuger

Price: $37.50

Grade: 63
Catalog #: KM-2855

Description: Issued to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the death of Dr. Carl leuger. A brilliant, untoned example.

1816-A Austria Kreuzer MS65BN

Price: $39.95

Grade: 65 BN
Catalog #: KM-2113

Description: A beautiful iridescent brown coin with a full strike and mark free surfaces. So cheap for a 100+ year old coin!

1937 (m) Australia Crown AU58+

Price: $44.95

Grade: 58 +
Catalog #: KM-34

Description: A lightly gold toned, fully struck coin with just a trace of rub from unc.

1919 M Australia Sixpence EF40

Price: $32.50

Grade: 40
Catalog #: KM-25

Description: A lustrous, light silver coin.

Priced to Sell

1871-S Seated Liberty Half Dollar AU55

Price: $325.00$285.00

Grade: 55
Catalog #: WB-2, R3

Description: Nice original dark/light contrasting silver. never dipped or messed with, still has original dirt from the old leather pouch!

1876-CC Seated Liberty Dime G4, DDO

Price: $35.00$29.00

Grade: 04
Catalog #: F-107, R3

Description: Double die obverse; Problem free example of this popular variety.

1921 Peace Dollar PCGS MS63+


Grade: 63 + (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: Full frosty lustre, but with some dark toning. Should have a bath!

1908-S Indian Cent PCGS AU55

Price: $215.00$195.00

Grade: 55 (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: A sharp strike, especially for the 08-S with some traces of lustre. Spot free.

1928 Portugal 10 Escudos PCGS MS65, Orique

Price: $139.95$124.95

Grade: 65 (PCGS)
Catalog #: KM-579

Description: OGH; Battle of Orique; Brilliant with a trace of toning. Pretty design.

1932 (m) Australia Florin NGC VF30, rare

Price: $425.00

Grade: 30 (NGC)
Catalog #: KM-27

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: Key date coin. Very scarce as NGC only has graded one EF45, one AU53 and one MS64 above VF. Krause Catalog $1000 VF20/$3000 EF40.

1834 Capped Bust Half Dollar EF45

Price: $195.00$165.00

Grade: 45
Catalog #: O-115,EDS, R2

Description: SOLD: Nice deep toning, recutting 50 C. strong, as is defect in A.

1935-S Mercury Dime PCGS MS65

Price: $59.95$46.95

Grade: 65 PQ (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: Super brilliant white lustre! Impeccable surfaces too. I really expected a 66 or better grade on this coin, but was robbed!!

1941-S Mercury Dime PCGS MS62PQ, Large S

Price: $115.00$94.95

Grade: 62 PQ (PCGS)
Catalog #: FS-511

Description: Large (Trumpet tail) S; Blazing white, lustrous surfaces. Scarce variety. Looks much better than a 62!

1906/1906 Liberty Nickel ANACS MS62PQ, Discovery coin

Price: $195.00$180.00

Grade: 62 PQ (ANACS)
Catalog #: Flynn-007

Description: Discovery coin for the variety in Flynn's book. Light repunching seen on all digits. Very nice lustre and complete full strike. A couple of small carbon spots limited the grade.

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College caused me to have to dispose of my collections in order to pay for school. After my internship in Hawaii, where I met my wife Diann, I again picked up the collecting bug while deployed in the Army in Alaska. Coins and stamps kept me busy as a hobby until I moved to California in 1986, whereupon I began dealing in coins part time by attending local coin shows.

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