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1933 Cuba Peso NGC MS63

Price: $315.00

Grade: 63 (NGC)
Catalog #: KM-15.2

Description: A sharply struck, lustrous white coin.

1859-O Liberty Seated Dollar NGC MS61PQ

Price: $1,895.00

Grade: 61 PQ (NGC)
Catalog #:

Description: Unusually nice for an NGC coin, with original golden/grey, even toning and very clean, mark free surfaces. Much nicer than the grade would indicate. It is fully struck too! A great coin for a nice type set.

1935 Great Britain Crown PCGS SP64

Price: $299.00

Grade: 64 SP (PCGS)
Catalog #: KM-842

Description: Nice fully struck, lightly toned prooflike coin.

1821 SD Capped Bust Dime PCGS EF40++

Price: $545.00

Grade: 40 ++ (PCGS)
Catalog #: JR-2, R2

Description: OGH; Medium grey surfaces. Very well struck for type. Underlying lustre remains. Looks more like an AU!

1876 Seated Liberty Quarter PCGS EF45, MPD

Price: $185.00

Grade: 45 (PCGS)
Catalog #: Briggs-3-C

Description: Misplaced bottom of 1 to left of date, and 8 in dentils. Scarce variety. Attractive russet and blue rim toning add to the appeal. Just back from PCGS without MPD attribution, just minor RPD.

1893 CAM El Salvador Peso NGC MS62

Price: $445.00

Grade: 62 (NGC)
Catalog #: KM-115.1

Description: Well struck with light grey toning.

1892 Portugal 20 Reis PCGS MS63BN

Price: $195.00

Grade: 63 BN (PCGS)
Catalog #: KM-533

Description: Amazing blue/brown lustre. Exceptional eye appeal!

Recently Updated

1907 (h) VBP;GJ Denmark 25 Øre MS63

Price: $29.95

Grade: 63
Catalog #: KM-808

Description: SOLD: A lustrous, white coin.

1919 Portugal 4 Centavos MS64

Price: $12.50

Grade: 64
Catalog #: KM-566

Description: SOLD: A well struck, problem free example with light pastel toning on the obverse. I really like the simple, elegant design of this piece, the first of which I've owned.

1924 France One Franc MS66, Open 4

Price: $19.95

Grade: 66
Catalog #: KM-876

Description: SOLD: An amazing example will full golden lustre and no spots. The nicest one of these normally common coins I have seen or owned. This is the way aluminum-bronze coins looked fresh from the mint!

1929-A French Indochina 10 Centimes MS63

Price: $34.95

Grade: 63
Catalog #: KM-16.1

Description: SOLD: A blazing untoned example of this popular type.

1938 Yugoslavia 50 Para MS65

Price: $12.95

Grade: 65
Catalog #: KM-18

Description: SOLD: A blazing golden coin with unspotted lustre. As nice as an aluminum bronze coin can be!

1937-M Philippines Centavo MS66RB

Price: $94.95

Grade: 66 RB
Catalog #: KM-179

Description: Unvbelievable blazing red & blue lustre jumps off the surfaces. Amazing!

1917 Norway 10 Øre MS63

Price: $14.95

Grade: 63
Catalog #: KM-372.6

Description: A lustrous white, semi-prooflike coin.

1926 Netherlands 25 Cents AU58

Price: $69.95

Grade: 58
Catalog #: KM-964

Description: A lustrous white silver coin with a touch of rub. Scarce date.

1905 Netherlands One Cent MS63BN

Price: $9.95

Grade: 63 BN
Catalog #: KM-132.1

Description: A sharply struck coin with prooflike blue/brown fields.

1863 Sword Netherlands Five Cents AU50

Price: $22.50

Grade: 50
Catalog #: KM-91

Description: Lustrous light silver with a decent strike.

Priced to Sell

1906/1906 Liberty Nickel ANACS MS64, discovery piece

Price: $325.00$275.00

Grade: 64 (ANACS)
Catalog #: RPD-009

Description: Discovery coin; Full cartwheel lustre and well struck. the whole date is lightly repunched. Nice looking coin.

1857 Flying Eagle Cent VF20, Fifty Cent clash

Price: $95.00$65.00

Grade: 20
Catalog #: S-7

Description: 50c clash obverse; Nice and original.

1904-H Newfoundland Ten Cents EF40

Price: $125.00$110.00

Grade: 40 PQ
Catalog #:

Description: Nice coin with some pretty envelope toning.

1939-S Rev '38 Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66(FS)

Price: $95.00$80.00

Grade: 66 (FS) (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: IN GREAT COLLECTIONS AUCTION: Essentially full steps, with some light blue and russet toning. Attractive coin.

1883 Hawaii Quarter Dala NGC MS62PQ, toned

Price: $335.00$275.00

Grade: 62 PQ (NGC)
Catalog #:

Description: IN HERITAGE AUCTION: A nice, original fully struck example f this one year type. Light russet toning in the centers give way to deeper blue rims. Very attractive originality.

1883 Hawaii Quarter Dala NGC AU55

Price: $225.00$185.00

Grade: 55 (NGC)
Catalog #:

Description: Sharply struck with white, lustrous surfaces. Nice example of this one year type.

1871-S Seated Liberty Half Dollar AU55

Price: $325.00$285.00

Grade: 55
Catalog #: WB-2, R3

Description: Nice original dark/light contrasting silver. never dipped or messed with, still has original dirt from the old leather pouch!

1857 FE One Cent, F12, reverse clash with 25c

Price: $150.00$120.00

Grade: 12
Catalog #: S-8

Description: FS-005; Reverse Clashed with 25c; one ding reverse in "E" CENT

1864/1864 LM Two Cents PCGS MS64RB, OGH

Price: $395.00$345.00

Grade: 64 RB (PCGS)
Catalog #: VP-007

Description: Flynn RPD-003; All digits repunched SW, most boldly the 6 and 4. OGH. About 35%ED. No noticeable spots. Re

1906/1906 Liberty Nickel ANACS MS62PQ, Discovery coin

Price: $195.00$180.00

Grade: 62 PQ (ANACS)
Catalog #: Flynn-007

Description: Discovery coin for the variety in Flynn's book. Light repunching seen on all digits. Very nice lustre and complete full strike. A couple of small carbon spots limited the grade.

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College caused me to have to dispose of my collections in order to pay for school. After my internship in Hawaii, where I met my wife Diann, I again picked up the collecting bug while deployed in the Army in Alaska. Coins and stamps kept me busy as a hobby until I moved to California in 1986, whereupon I began dealing in coins part time by attending local coin shows.

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