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1839-O Reeded Edge Half Dollar NGC EF40, rotated reverse

Price: $1,975.00$1,875.00

Grade: 40 (NGC)
Catalog #: GR-4,EDS, R4

Description: Nice example of the scarce die pair with the medal turn reverse. original silver/grey surfaces. This is the Jules Reiver specimen noted on the holder.

1894 Indian Cent NGC MS64BN, color

Price: $145.00

Grade: 64 BN (NGC)
Catalog #:

Description: A beautiful, fully struck coin that exhibits flashy blue and red toning. An excellent example of the key date 90's coin!

1935 Great Britain Crown PCGS SP64

Price: $299.00

Grade: 64 SP (PCGS)
Catalog #: KM-842

Description: Nice fully struck, lightly toned prooflike coin.

1868 Seated Liberty Dollar PCGS EF45

Price: $995.00$895.00

Grade: 45 (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: SOLD: An original, medium grey coin with some rose and blue hints to the color. Well struck, just a little chatter in the obverse right fields under the old toning.

1859 Seated Liberty Dollar PCGS EF40

Price: $995.00$925.00

Grade: 40 (PCGS)
Catalog #: OC-3, R3+

Description: Problem free coin with deep pearl grey surfaces. Untouched since put away. Much scarcer than the mintage suggests, as most were exported to China and melted. Slightly better die pair too. Interesting rotated dies.

1839-O/O Reeded Edge Bust Half Dollar PCGS AU50

Price: $2,999.00$2,875.00

Grade: 50 (PCGS)
Catalog #: GR-1, R1

Description: A nice example with lustrous light silver color and a trace of rim toning. Always in demand with the obverse mintmark. Per Graham, not easy to find in attractive condition.

1841 Seated Liberty Half Dime NGC MS65+

Price: $1,249.00$1,150.00

Grade: 65 + (NGC)
Catalog #:

Description: WOW! As fully struck as a coin should be. Every detail of Miss Liberty, the stars and the reverse wreath are there. Light bluish/red toning covers the mark free, semi-prooflike fields. A perfect type coin.

Recently Updated

1889/8 Bolivia 20 Centavos MS62

Price: $35.00

Grade: 62
Catalog #: KM-190

Description: A lustrous white example of a late die state. Clear 1/1 and filled ball of the 9. NGC pop=1 in AU58.

1872-S Seated Liberty Dime PCGS AU53

Price: $625.00

Grade: 53 (PCGS)
Catalog #: F-101, R4

Description: Nice coin with russet and traces of blue toning. A little above average strike. Scarce with only 24 coins graded higher at PCGS.

1810/09 Classic Head Large Cent VF20 details

Price: $500.00

Grade: 20 detail
Catalog #:

Description: Nice details with even brown surfaces. However, the obverse has seen a slight beating and shows some scars. Still a decent example for the date or type.

1874 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime AU50

Price: $295.00

Grade: 50
Catalog #: F-104, R4

Description: Neat repunched left arrow to the south. Lustrous white coin.

1851-D Liberty Head $5 PCGS EF45

Price: $2,800.00

Grade: 45 PQ (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: An above average strike for this Dahlonega piece with a strong, full mintmark. Per Winters, "The surfaces often show concentrated, deep abrasions. This is compounded by mint-made problems such as areas of granularity, planchet defects or raised die lines

1930-M Philippines Five Centavos MS63

Price: $60.00

Grade: 63
Catalog #: KM-175

Description: Sharply struck with lustre under light grey toning.

1889-H Guernsey One Double MS64RB

Price: $29.95

Grade: 64 RB
Catalog #: KM-10

Description: Sharply struck coin with lots of red and a couple of minor spots.

1908 (w) Haiti 50 Centimes AU50

Price: $12.95

Grade: 50
Catalog #: KM-56

Description: President Pierre Nord Alexis; Light grey nickel color.

1897 Great Britain Diamond Jubilee Small Silver Medal EF40

Price: $15.00

Grade: 40
Catalog #:

Description: Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee small silver medal. Light silver with some wear.

1908 Great Britain Threepence MS64

Price: $55.00

Grade: 64
Catalog #: KM-797.2

Description: A lustrous silver coin.

Priced to Sell

1876 Shield Nickel ANACS EF45

Price: $170.00$140.00

Grade: 45 (ANACS)
Catalog #:

Description: IN GREAT COLLECTIONS AUCTION: Mark free example with a decent strike. Semi-scarce centennial year.

1901 Liberty Nickel PCGS MS63PQ

Price: $180.00$155.00

Grade: 63 PQ (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: SOLD: Blazing white, spot free lustre and a full strike. One mark on the cheek cuts the grade. Nice eye appeal.

1863 One Cent CWT Broas Bros Bakery MS63RB Broadstrike

Price: $195.00$125.00

Grade: 63 RB
Catalog #:

Description: Broas Bros. Bakers; United We Stand, struck out of collar; nice lustrous brown with about 20%RD, nice little cud on extra rim about 3:00 obverse.

1906/1906 Liberty Nickel ANACS MS64, discovery piece

Price: $325.00$275.00

Grade: 64 (ANACS)
Catalog #: RPD-009

Description: Discovery coin; Full cartwheel lustre and well struck. the whole date is lightly repunched. Nice looking coin.

1927 Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS MS64

Price: $445.00$395.00

Grade: 64 (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: Nice strike with pretty purplish/red pastel toning on the reverse. Nearly a full head.

1923-S Monroe Half Dollar MS62

Price: $95.00$65.00

Grade: 62
Catalog #: Monroe

Description: Monroe; Lustrous, light toning.

1967 Jefferson Nickel, NGC MS67SMSCAM

Price: $120.00$80.00

Grade: 67 CAM (NGC)
Catalog #:

Description: IN GREAT COLLECTIONS AUCTION: SMS; White, Coin World trends, non CAM, $175.

1887 Seated Liberty Dime PCGS PF63CAM

Price: $750.00$650.00

Grade: 63 PFCAM (PCGS)
Catalog #:

Description: Very close to DCAM, one of the scarcer late dates in CAM. Brilliant deep mirrors with nice contrast. Looks better than a 63.

1848/7/6 Seated Liberty Half Dime PCGS AU58

Price: $495.00

Grade: 58 (PCGS)
Catalog #: FS-302

Description: V-7, LDS; Fully struck example of the late die state with just a trace of the die scratch at the foot. Pop=1, with 1 higher in 63.

1932 (m) Australia Florin NGC VF30, rare

Price: $425.00

Grade: 30 (NGC)
Catalog #: KM-27

Description: Key date coin. Very scarce as NGC only has graded one EF45, one AU53 and one MS64 above VF. Krause Catalog $1000 VF20/$3000 EF40.

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College caused me to have to dispose of my collections in order to pay for school. After my internship in Hawaii, where I met my wife Diann, I again picked up the collecting bug while deployed in the Army in Alaska. Coins and stamps kept me busy as a hobby until I moved to California in 1986, whereupon I began dealing in coins part time by attending local coin shows.

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