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 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
138-12940 (NGC)SNG Israel-1864SOLD: Antiochus VII Sidetes; King's head obverse/Athena figure reverse. Nice full lustre and well centered detail with full bust. Above average.Add to Cart
270AD-27563 Emporer Aurelian. A well centered strike with lustrous dark grey toning. 98% centered with bold detail and no discernible marks.$185.00Add to Cart
285BC-24620 SOLD: Struck at the Joppa Mint; Full design visible except for some border beads on the obverse.$249.95Add to Cart
318AD-32263 Emporer Elagabalus. A well centered strike with lustrous dark grey/gold toning adorn this choice uncirculated piece.$129.00Add to Cart
330AD-33155 Constatine I celebrating the founding of Constantinople, Angel of Victory on reverse. Nicely detailed and problem free.$69.00Add to Cart
350BC55 A neat little coin with Gorco Elon obverse and a standing bull on the reverse. Nearly perfect centering and original grey surfaces. Hard to believe it's over 2350 years old!$325.00Add to Cart