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 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
12 CH-232Breton-699; Un Sou, no date.$5.00Add to Cart
(1838)45 PQCharlton-LC-5A3KM-Tn4; An original, problem free example of a sou from the Banque du Peuple. Nice unblemished chocolate brown surfaces and nearly mark free.$44.95Add to Cart
181230 Charlton-LC-46A1Halfpenny token with George III obverse, Britannia seated reverse; nice even medium chocolate brown surfaces with nice details.$30.00Add to Cart
181608 Charlton-WE-10A2Bust Wellington/Waterloo Half Penny 1816, 8 string Harp; Problem free, just worn.$10.00Add to Cart
1838ND45 KM-Tn5CH-LC-27A1; Agriculture and Commerce/Bas Canada//Token/Un Sou/ Montreal; A clean planchet with no carbon or marks, but a bit softly struck making it look like a lower grade than it is. Still very attractive.$44.95Add to Cart
184230 CH-PC1A2A nicely detailed, problem free coin. Even medium brown with a die crack starting to bisect the building.$19.95Add to Cart
184420 CH-282aBr-257; Bank of Montreal; A dark coin from a low grade corrosion.$5.50Add to Cart
184440 CH-PC1B3Bank of Montreal; This is the heavy trees, short nose beaver variety. A decent copper coin.$22.50Add to Cart
185050 BNKM-Tn3Sharp details with typical minor bagmarks from brief circulation. Nice eye appeal.$55.00Add to Cart
185055 KM-Tn2Well struck with little wear. One carbon spot by the date. Nice example!$44.95Add to Cart
185258 BNKM-Tn-2A sharply struck coin with no spots or mentionable marks on the milk chocolate brown surfaces. Much nicer than usually seen.$74.95Add to Cart
185258 +KM-Tn5Quebec Bank Token/Province du Canada; A fully struck, spot free and even brown coin.There is no wear on the high points, but some evidence of it in the wide open fields.$124.95Add to Cart
185240 PC-3Lustrous brown surfaces, nice and clean.$35.00Add to Cart
1852L258 RBCharlton-PC6B5KM-Tn3; Large 2, coin alignment; An eye appealing coin with 15-20% red lustre remaining on semi-prooflike blue-brown fields that make the coin look unc. A glass shows some wear though.$149.95Add to Cart
185458 BNKM-Tn2Plain 4; A fully struck coin with some mint red lustre remaining despite traces of light corrosion.$57.50Add to Cart
185540 Charlton-PE-6A2Recut 5's, medal turn. Smooth dark brown surfaces and problem free. $50.00Add to Cart
185640 Charlton-NS-5A1Medal turn; A problem free example with medium brown surfaces and nice details.$19.95Add to Cart
185762 BN (PCGS)Charlton-PC-6DIN HERITAGE AUCTION: BR-719; Province of Canada; Lustrous, chocolate brown with hints of blue. very well struck, and no carbon.Add to Cart
185740 CH-PE-7C4Small 'and', small quatrefoil, medal alignment; A light chocolate brown coin that is mark and spot free.$39.95Add to Cart
185758 KM-Tn3Spot free, lustrous brown surfaces. Nice intricate design. Above average example.$69.95Add to Cart
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