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Coin Inventory: Canada & Provinces : Dollars: Silver Dollars 1935-1967
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
193563 KM-30A lustrous, white coin that makes a good example of Canada's first regularly issued dollar coin.$64.95Add to Cart
193658 KM-31A nice brilliant coin with just a trace of rub.$39.95Add to Cart
193640 KM-31A brilliant coin with a trace of rose rim toning.$27.50Add to Cart
193630 KM-31One year type; A problem free dollar with original, undamaged medium grey surfaces.$29.95Add to Cart
193762 KM-37A lustrous coin with light original toning on baggy surfaces that account for the grade.$39.95Add to Cart
193862 KM-37A fully struck, lustrous white coin with a trace of very light toning. $64.95Add to Cart
193963 +KM-38Parliament; An above average strike with nearly full denticles. Frosty white lustre makes for a nice looking coin.$34.95Add to Cart
193950 cleanedKM-38A very well struck example with nearly full dentils, but unfortunately it is left hairlined by an old cleaning. It has retoned somewhat.$12.50Add to Cart
193963 KM-38Parliament; An attractive coin with old time light yellow peripheral toning.$29.95Add to Cart
193964 KM-38Original purplish toning on sharp and lustrous surfaces. A very eye appealing coin!$99.95Add to Cart
193963 KM-38Parliament; An original coin with nice frosty surfaces giving it a cartwheeling look.$29.95Add to Cart
193963 KM-38A lustrous, white coin with nearly complete dentils all around. Very scarce this fully struck! The HP is extra thick, may be 2X HP.$29.95Add to Cart
193958 KM-38Parliament; An original coin with old time light grey toning and some traces of dirt on the high points.$19.95Add to Cart
1945/558 KM-37A clear RPD off the serif of the 5. An untoned, lustrous example with some light hairlines on the prooflike surfaces from brief circulation.$324.95Add to Cart
194966 PL (PCGS)KM-47NOT FOR SALE, BUT ENJOYMENT: An original coin with light violet toning. It has been in my collection for almost 60 years. One of the nicest coins I bought as a kid, and I've kept it since. Just back from PCGS.Add to Cart
19513 WL58 +KM-46 3 water lines; An original coin with light gold toning and the barest trace of rub. $19.95Add to Cart
1953NSS63 KM-54No shoulder strap; A brilliant coin with a trace of rim toning. First year type with wire rims, used for this year only. $24.95Add to Cart
1953SS62 KM-54With shoulder straps, flat rim; A lustrous white coin with a couple of toned spots from holes in the 2x2.$22.50Add to Cart
1953SS62 KM-54With shoulder strap; A brilliant coin lustrous fields. First year type with flat rims, used from this point on. $32.50Add to Cart
1953NSS58 KM-54No shoulder straps, wire rim; An untoned example of this first year type.$14.95Add to Cart
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