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 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
185858 KM-KM-Repunched last A in CANADA; A well struck coin with rose and blue toning on both sides of the coin from storage in my coin album for over 40 years. $294.95Add to Cart
186550 cleanedKM-3A light silver coin with some light hairlines on the obverse.$124.95Add to Cart
1870N035 Nice original grey.$125.00Add to Cart
1872 - H10 DetailsOriginal surfaces, but slightly bent from a hit on the obverse. Scarce date, still presentable at this price.$19.00Add to Cart
1880 - H20 KM-3A dark grey example with a few visible marks.$24.95Add to Cart
1882 - H50 cleanedKM-3The coin was cleaned long ago and has acquired a nice ring of electric blue toning from sitting in my album since 1987.$149.95Add to Cart
1885Obv 512 Scarce coin with medium dark silver color. $295.00Add to Cart
1886L620 KM-3Large 6, reverse type 5; A decent example of this rare variety, seldom seen. A light, golden silver toned example and never messed with. $299.95Add to Cart
188840 KM-3An attractive blue and gold antique silver coin.$84.95Add to Cart
188855 Nice crusty deep grey toning with underlying lustre. A couple of small rim dings on obverse. Very original! First obverse picture is most accurate for color.$225.00Add to Cart
1890 - H58 KM-3A very pretty coin with blue and russet toning on both sides and underlying lustre.$475.00Add to Cart
1890 - H04 Well used.$6.00Add to Cart
1890 - H45 KM-3A light antique silver coin with darker hints around the periphery. It was lightly wiped a long time ago (It has been in my album 30 years).$114.95Add to Cart
189030 KM-3A contrasting light/dark grey color with decent hair detail on the obverse.$64.95Add to Cart
189020 damagedKM-3Blue green toned fields, unfortunately under some pretty rough surfaces. Too bad, to say the least!$9.95Add to Cart
1892S6, RT615 KM-3Small 9, reverse type 6; A scarcer variety with pleasing dark blue grey toning and no problems. Per Charlton, worth about two times a reverse type 5.$84.95Add to Cart
189204 Well used. Scarce variety.$100.00Add to Cart
1894RT550 cleanedKM-3Narrow date, standard 4, Reverse type 5; A sharply struck coin with bright surfaces from an old cleaning. The coin is retoning a pleasing blue from 30+ years in my album. There is light repunching east on the 9. A scarce date, especially with reverse 5.$299.95Add to Cart
189620 Nice and original dark silver surfaces. One ding on Victoria's neck mentioned for accuracy.$35.00Add to Cart
189612 KM-3Nicely contrasting antique silver surfaces.$8.50Add to Cart
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