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Coin Inventory: Canada & Provinces : Five Cents: Nickel Five Cents 1922-date
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1922Near Rim63 KM-29Near Rim; A very lustrous, well struck example. Great eye appeal!$74.95Add to Cart
192250 KM-29A near rim example that is fully lustrous with just a little wear on the high points.$22.50Add to Cart
1922Far Rim50 Far rim; Lustrous, white coin. Scarcer variety for year.$50.00Add to Cart
1922Near Rim50 KM-29Far rim; The scarcer of the two varieties. Full lustre and no wear on the maple leaves, but a weaker strike on the crown leaves the jewels incomplete.$24.95Add to Cart
192250 Near rim; Lustrous, white coin.$25.00Add to Cart
192250 KM-29Near rim; A fully lustrous nickel coin with a little bit of wear on the crown, some typical rub in the fields. A nice example.$19.95Add to Cart
192255 Far date; Bright and lustrous. Nice example.$95.00Add to Cart
192258 +KM-29Near rim; Great eye appeal as it has super flashy lustre and a nice strike. So close to unc!$45.00Add to Cart
192258 KM-29A fully lustrous nickel coin with a trace of wear.$29.95Add to Cart
192250 Far Rim; decent strike, but soft on center pearls. Scarcer variety for the year.$50.00Add to Cart
192255 KM-29A lustrous coin with a slightly weak strike on the headband.$25.00Add to Cart
192258 KM-29Near rim; A blazing white nickel coin with the barest trace of handling in the fields. Looks unc except under a glass.$29.95Add to Cart
192355 Full lustre, just a trace of wear.$60.00Add to Cart
192363 A lustrous, well struck coin. Tough in true unc.$199.95Add to Cart
192362 KM-29Lustrous surfaces with a decent strike. Nice looking coin, scarce in unc.$175.00Add to Cart
192450 Average lustre with some weakness in the crown from the strike.$35.00Add to Cart
192445 Lots of emaining lustre for grade.$6.50Add to Cart
192540 KM-29Nice problem free coin with much remaining lustre. Very scarce above VG.$245.00
Add to Cart
1926Near 640 KM-29Near 6; A little weakly struck on the band of the crown, otherwise there is little wear and ample lustre remaining.$44.95Add to Cart
1926Far 610 far 6; Nice problem free example of this scarce variety. Still has some remaining lustre in the protected areas.$175.00Add to Cart
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