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 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
185740 Charlton-PE-7C5A light brown example of this scarce variety with a coin turn.$74.95Add to Cart
185855 BNKM-1An attractive example of this scarce coin with a strong strike and some red lustre left around the devices. Canada's first coin, and always in demand in higher grades.$324.95Add to Cart
185845 KM-1A glossy medium dark brown example of the 1st year of Canadian coinage. Well detailed with some high point wear. hard to find nice.$129.95Add to Cart
1859N9/185915 KM-1A nearly fully struck coin with muted dark brown lustre. The most visible repunching is the upper left corner of the 5 and the inside of right lower loop of the 9.$72.50Add to Cart
1859N950 KM-1A well defined coin with a little wear on typical dark surfaces.$12.75Add to Cart
1859N963 RBKM-1A well struck, spot free coin with cartwheel lustre showing a lot of red around the devices. The toning is somewhat mottled but still shows the nice lustre underneath. Tough to find with much red left. There is minor repunching on the first 8 in the date.$174.95Add to Cart
1859N930 DetailsKM-1This coin has VF+ details, but a couple of rim bumps and some environmental damage on the obverse have caused a details grade and price drop.$4.50
Add to Cart
1859DPN9 #3/920 Charlton-DP N9 #3Double punched narrow 9, type 3. Strong repunching shows on the ball of the 9 to the west. $125.00Add to Cart
1859/185958 PQ (PCGS)KM-1Narrow 9; A minor repunched date with the strongest point at the upper left corner of the 5. A nice glossy deep brown coin with fully struck features. It sure looks unc to me!$49.95Add to Cart
1859N964 RBKM-1Narrow 9; A fully struck, spot free coin with red cartwheel lustre and some mottled bluish toning. Not common with so much red remaining. A great example of this 2 year type with the 1858 being so much more expensive.$349.95Add to Cart
1859N955 BNKM-1A well struck example, but the fields are too dull for a higher grade.$29.95Add to Cart
1859N930 KM-1A pleasing, medium brown coin with no spots and very strong details for the grade.$5.95Add to Cart
1859N945 KM-1Dark brown with nice detail and some peripheral lustre left.$9.95Add to Cart
185950 KM-1Decent strike with remaining traces of lustre and two spots on the reverse..$12.00Add to Cart
1859WIde 9/855 BNKM-7Wide 9/8, medal turn; A sharply struck coin with traces of red remaining.$165.00Add to Cart
1859N930 KM-1Narrow 9; A late die state with a bold, thicker 9 than normal. A nice, problem free coin.$6.95Add to Cart
1859N915 KM-1A decent coin with full braid separation from the neck.$2.50Add to Cart
186155 KM-8.1Large rosebud; A fully struck coin with prooflike dark brown fields. A couple of strong clash marks run to the bottom of the crown. A nice example!$34.95Add to Cart
186145 KM-8.1Large rosebud; A sharply detailed coin that the salt air got the better of. The coin still presents nicely due top the amount of detail and lightness of the corrosion.$22.50Add to Cart
1861LB20 KM-8.1A pleasing light brown coin with no problems.$4.95Add to Cart
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