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 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1941 - S64 FS-501(FS-025.5); Large S mm; Quite scarce, especially in MS. Nice coin, except for one bagmark on cheek.$54.95Add to Cart
1942 - S/S64 (PCGS)RPM-2, EDSA blazing white coin that is semi-prooflike especially the reverse. The coin is an early die state with only the die crack in the hair and the S is repunched strongly at the bottom left. $85.00Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Five Cents-Nickel: Jefferson Nickel 1938-date
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1938 - D64 PQ (PCGS)Pretty pastel rings of toning, especially the reverse. Decent steps.$75.00Add to Cart
1938 - D67 PQ (PCGS)A fully struck example with beautiful toned surfaces and not a discernible mark. If you like a colorful nickel, here it is!$224.95Add to Cart
1938 - D66 FS (PCGS)Nice lustrous light gold surfaces. Very strong steps for a reverse of '38. Only 34 graded higher at PCGS.$200.00Add to Cart
193865 FSA beautiful first year Jefferson nickel with a completely full strike and full nickel untoned lustre.$75.00Add to Cart
193864 FSA neat coin that looks like it was struck as a proof with squared off rims and a deep strike.$19.95Add to Cart
193866 PR (PCGS)FS-402SOLD: Blazing white surfaces with watery mirrors and a light cameo contrast that enhances the eye appeal. re-engraved on ribbon and "G" of GOD. Also. no serif at bottom of :S: of TRUST.$224.95Add to Cart
1938 - D66 PQ (PCGS)A fully struck example with gold toning and pretty areas of blue & violet toning that really please the eye. Looks FS to me! Again, why not a 67FS, as there are no marks that I can see and full steps!$74.95Add to Cart
1939rev '38 - D67 Rev '38; Creamy smooth nickel lustre with only one small mark on Monticello's dome. Superior eye appeal.$175.00Add to Cart
1939rev '38 - S64 (FS) (PCGS)Has FS except for a tiny nick. PCGS was tough. White with semi-prooflike fields. Great eye appeal.$100.00Add to Cart
1939rev '38 - D65 Nice steps and pretty pastel toning on both sides. Has a minor doubled die obverse to boot!$90.00Add to Cart
1939rev '38 - S64 +Reverse of '38; Lustrous and well struck.$45.00Add to Cart
1939rev '38 - S66 (FS) (PCGS)SSOLD: A nice fully struck and semi-prooflike example. A few stray marks limit the grade. Essentially full steps mand not sure why not designated as such!$95.00Add to Cart
1939rev '38 - D64 PQ (PCGS)A beautiful example with vibrant rings of electric blue, green, yellow and purple toning. The coin looks an easy MS65 or better to me. Not sure why only graded 64!$195.00Add to Cart
1939DDR40 WDDR-7An interesting reverse doubled die, with extra thickness on E PLURIBUS UNUM and CENTS in particular. Listed in the Best of Jefferson Nickel Varieties book.$24.95Add to Cart
1939rev '38 - S64 Rev '38; A nice creamy light golden lustrous coin. Spot free with nice eye appeal.$32.50Add to Cart
1939rev '40 - S63 FS (PCGS)5.8 steps; Nice, blazing white semi-prooflike surfaces, I think PCGS didn't realize that the patch of lines on the upper right reverse are die polish, not hairlines, and lowered the grade. Great eye appeal!$125.00Add to Cart
1939rev '4065 FSAn untoned coin with full lustre and 5 full steps.$80.00Add to Cart
1939rev '38 - D66 Creamy, lustrous coin with reddish/purple toning and nearly full steps.$80.00Add to Cart
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