Indian Head Cents 1859-1909

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 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
1883/1883, 83/8350 Snow-2, R***A rare variety per Snow, with the 1883 repunched north and the 83 south. A chocolate brown coin with some remaining lustre.$194.95Add to Cart

Coin Inventory: US: Small Cents: Indian Head Cents 1859-1909
 DateGradeCatalog #DescriptionPriceItem #
185902 A dateless coin but identifiable with the reverse. The obverse legends are barely identifiable, and the reverse is scruffy.$3.50Add to Cart
186262 SOLD: Very sharply struck with full feathers and nice light copper-nickel surfaces. Still some lustre left.$145.00Add to Cart
186353 A sharply strike everywhere except for the tips of some feathers on the Indian's headdress. No marks or spots on the coin, just some high point wear.$100.00Add to Cart
186363 A sharply detailed coin except for the tips of the feathers on the Indian's headdress. No marks or spots on somewhat reflective fields. Many times, the reverse shield and or the wreath are weakly struck, but this coin is sharp.$265.00Add to Cart
1864L/1810 S-10a, R**L; A nice repunched date on this first year type of Indian cent, at a much reduced price!$175.00
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1864CN55 S-5, R*An interesting coin with a series of die file marks over the Indian's ear, and one reverse die crack at 8:00. There is a darkly toned area on the bottom of the reverse.$195.00Add to Cart
1864L/186408 S-4, R**Nice light brown coin, but a little corrosion evident in spots. Bold L and repunched date.$75.00Add to Cart
186664 BNA pretty piece with semi-prooflike fields, a sharp strike and spot free surfaces. An outstanding piece, with attractive surfaces of speckled red & brown.$475.00Add to Cart
187503 A very well worn specimen with full rims on the reverse, but a barely visible 5 on the obverse and the left side worn to the field.$8.95Add to Cart
188350 A well struck coin with medium brown color. Problem free.$27.50Add to Cart
1886T240 DetailsThere is some very light dark corrosion, more like a light stain. Should be OK for the price.$59.95Add to Cart
189850 BNA light even brown coin with a strong strike. Problem free.$20.00Add to Cart
1898/9858 BNUnlistedA minor repunching that Snow didn't list. Nice reddish/brown lustre.$29.95Add to Cart
1899/89945 S-2b, LDS, R***Pleasing chocolate brown example of this scarce, three star Indian cent variety. $125.00Add to Cart
1900-190902 03A roll of 50 cull Indian Cents which includes corroded, bent, damaged coins. May also include some with barely readable dates and no problems. Sold as is, no returns.$16.95Add to Cart
190050 Nice details, but not really lustrous.$13.50Add to Cart
1900-190904 08A roll of 50 good or better Indian Cents from roughly 1900-1909. Sold as is, no returns.$69.95Add to Cart
190050 BNA fully struck example with no apparent wear on dark brown slightly granular surfaces which account for the net grade.$13.50Add to Cart
190165 BNA very flashy coin with cartwheeling purple/brown lustre. Nice!$84.95Add to Cart
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