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193765 Sharply struck with a blush of toning over smooth surfaces with only the tiniest of marks.$65.00
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1939rev '38 - D65 (PCGS)Original light golden/grey coin that is fully struck and missed the FS designation by the tiniest bit! Really expected an MS66FS grade.$80.00
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1939rev '38 - S66 (PCGS)Rev '38; Lustrous and mark free with just a touch of pastel toning. I figured a 67 on this beauty, as the lustre is full, there are no spots ir even any significant bag marks! probably should go back again!$80.00
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195866 (PCGS)This coin is from a mint set with light overall toning, mostly light blue with some yellow on the reverse.$45.00
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196364 + (PCGS)FS-101Old FS#-023; Doubled die obverse; Lustrous white coin with a strong obverse doubled die.$60.00
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