How to buy and sell


Place a purchase order from your shopping cart for the items you wish to purchase. That will automatically generate a purchase order that is automatically emailed to both of us. Do not send any payments until we confirm that your item(s) is/are available. We will send you, as soon as possible, an invoice showing which items are available, and all shipping charges and taxes (if applicable). All orders will be filled in the order that they are received. If you want more information about a certain item that you are considering purchasing, email us with your questions (please include the SKU number) and we will put the item(s) on hold for you while you decide. This will not obligate you to purchase the item(s)

NOTE: Coins marked "IN AUCTION"  will be appearing in an auction. Please contact me if you are interested, and I will forward details. Coins marked "ON HOLD" are being held for a customer's decision., They may be available at a later time, so let me know and I can contact you if and when they are for sale again.

Before sending your payment, please visit our Purchase Policy Page for further instructions regarding shipping and returns. Due to market fluctuations, some prices may change. In the event that the price for an item has changed, we will contact you to verify your order. We will not be responsible for typos or errors.

Please remember when placing an order or to inquire about a coin, to check our show schedule. We do attend many coin shows throughout the year and most of our better inventory will be with us. When we are away at a show, we will try to check our email regularly for orders, but cannot guarantee that a coin will be available when ordered. You may also try to reach us by Gene's cell phone, (402) 937-5165 to reserve an item.


For those of you who wish to sell or trade any or all of your coins or stamps, we are always interested in purchasing new items for our inventory. We are always in need of nice collector coins/stamps and key issues of all series. We are not in need of common sets of Eisenhower, Anthony or Sacagawea Dollars, common circulated wheat cents, low grade sets of Liberty and Buffalo nickels, Bicentennial quarters and halves, $2 bills after 1928 or common small size silver certificates. If these are part of a more comprehensive collection, we will pay a fair price to acquire the collection. We also do not need common circulated 20th century world coins.

 If you are upgrading a coin/stamp, trades are always welcome. We will take items on consignment also. This usually allows you to get a better return-call to discuss current rates and details. Just let us know what you have for sale or trade by email or phone and we can go from there.